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Post Acute Consulting collaborates with our clients to determine their specific needs in the areas of:


* Fiscal Operations Analysis
* Operating revenue and margins
* Budget and forecasting


* EMR System Analysis
* Software utilization and customization
* Education


Regulatory Compliance
* MDS/Medicare
* Audit and education

* Expert testimony
* Documentation review
* Appeal process

Industry Benchmarking
* Productivity
* Staffing

Program Development
* Therapy and Rehabilitation
* Part B programs
* Specialty programs

Our team of experienced health care professionals develop customized  solutions to address your business and clinical challenges to promote positive results and maximize reimbursement.

Our Professionals

* Conduct on-site and remote assessments to identify challenges and develop customized approaches.
* Implement software platforms and leverage technology for the greatest efficiency and flexibility.
* Develop tools that enable clients to achieve long-lasting success and meet current and future business objectives.
* Our seasoned educators coach and train on critical topics related to your clinical, financial and business needs.

Proven Results

Post Acute Consulting acts on clients’ behalf in legal reviews. Our team provides expert testimony and detailed reviews to facilitate favorable resolutions. We evaluate data, analyze systems and audit processes to ensure alignment with company standards, goals and objectives.

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