Maximizing Opportunities

Our clinical and therapy experts are skilled at providing comprehensive on-site evaluation, consultation and training for your department. We conduct clinical operations assessments, and assist with Best Practice development, documentation, compliance, staffing and resource management, as well as outcome tracking, clinical education and training. We work with you to implement professional development. We have the expertise to enhance  available resources and ensure that your clinical services are focused and  efficient.

The MDS / Reimbursement Process

There are two key things you should know about the MDS process and Medicare reimbursement in general that are very important:

First, everyone operates under the same rules and regulations.

Second, there are significant differences and opportunities in every facility.

  • CAA – Understand Care Assessment Areas & Supporting Documentation Identify Complicating Factors, Associated Risk Factors, and Any Required Follow-Up Referrals for Your Residents.
  • Coding – Get It Right! Accuracy Is Key for the Most Appropriate Reimbursement and Quality of Care.
  • PDPM – Understanding and Managing those Payment Indicators Affecting Resource Utilization Groups.
  • Operational Changes – Understanding the Overall Operational Impact and Overview of Processes that Function Most Effectively Under MDS 3.0.
  • Types and Timing of MDS Assessments – Are the Appropriate Assessments Being Done Timely? These Come with Payment and Survey Implications If You Want to Maintain 100% Compliance.
  • Patient Interviews and Assessment Techniques – Have You Defined and Implemented Best Practices for Streamlining Interviews and Assessments to Ease Staff Workloads?

What Do You Have To Gain?

Maybe a smoother process. Maybe improved revenues. Maybe better staff retention. We won’t know until you ask us to take a look.

Our Consultants Are Subject Matter Experts

• MDS accuracy and compliance
• Reimbursement maximization
• Function Score
• Therapy minute utilization
• End split capture
• Nursing service capture
• Length of stay
• Medicare program compliance
• Skilled criteria via Medicare guidelines
• ICD-10 Management
• Casper Report Analysis
• State Medicaid CMI Management

• Cost containment
• Consolidated billing service
• Cost review
• Expense management
• Denials prevention techniques
• Month end billing analysis
• UB04 auditing
• One-on-one training
• Group seminars

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