Getting The Most Out Of Your Medical Records

Our EMR specialists are skilled at providing comprehensive on-site evaluation, consultation and training for your department. We conduct EMR operations assessments and assist with Best Practice development, documentation, compliance, staffing and resource management, as well as outcome tracking, clinical education and training. We have the expertise to enhance your available resources and ensure that your EMR is focused and efficient.

Our Consultants Are Subject Matter Experts

  • Analyze Current EMR system: Clinical and Rehabilitation
  • Review dashboards and Gold Bar to establish areas of oversight and maintenance of system
  • PCC optimization with new releases
  • Operationalize software with guidelines
  • Configuration or reconfiguration of the software-building UDA’s, etc.
  • Just now EMAR
  • Education for modules including:
    • Profile
    • Weight | vitals | immunizations | allergies
    • Weight loss and hydration management
    • Progress notes
    • Assessments
    • MDS
    • Care plans
    • POC
    • Hospital Transfer
    • eInteract

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