Therapy Consulting Services and Program Oversight

Our therapy experts are skilled at providing complete on-site evaluations, consultations and training. Comprehensive operations assessments, with focus on documentation, reimbursment maximization and compliance , lead to best practice implementation.
Together with your team, we develop ways to accurately track outcomes and improve resource management. We provide education and training to enhance professional development and ensure that your clinical services are streamlined and efficient.

Focusing On Your Team

We analyze your department by looking at service delivery from a business, clinical, and customer service perspective.

  • Fiscal operations analyses
  • Operating revenue and margin
  • Productivity assessment
  • Key benchmarks based on national and geographic trends
  • Budgeting and forecasting, analyze financial reports
  • Assess therapy software utilization and management

Through our clinical operations assessments we review and assist with Best Practice development, documentation, compliance, staffing and resource management, outcome tracking and clinical education and training.

What Do You Have To Gain?

We work with you to implement professional development, team building strategies, communication, coaching and mentoring, student program development, and leadership skills. Externally, we assess relationship management, marketing and census development leading to niche positioning.

Adding our Therapy expertise to your available resources will help to ensure that your Rehabilitation services are:

  1. Focused on improved outcomes for your residents.
  2. Your department functions at top efficiency and cohesively with nursing.
  3. Your improved performance and compliance contribute to accurate compensation for the services you are providing.

Our Consultants Are Subject Matter Experts

• MDS accuracy and compliance
• Reimbursement maximization
• Function Score Review
• Therapy minute utilization
• Medicaid CMI Management
• Nursing service capture
• Length of stay
• Medicare program compliance
• Skilled criteria via Medicare guidelines

• Cost containment
• Consolidated billing service
• Cost review
• Expense management
• Denials prevention techniques
• Month end billing analysis
• UB04 auditing
• One-on-one training
• Group seminars

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